Main Instructions


Adding movi token to Trust Wallet

by movi

First you need to download the e-wallet to your mobile phone! To do this, you can use the following links for your phone:

Google Playstore Apple Appstore

Next, you need to open a wallet and register, get a secret phrase and save it

ATTENTION !!! If you lose your secret phrase, which consists of 12 words, you will lose access to your wallet and all the funds that you store on it! therefore, keep your passphrase in a safe place.

Next, you need to add a new coin to your wallet:

Next, you need to write the name of the movi in the search:

Next, you need to select an item: Add Custom Token

Next, you need to select Network:

Next, we select the Smart Chain network:

Next, we need to fill in the token data:

1. You need to specify the address of the contract: 0x1c3e0518a54f931053152b07e9895ebebd54d0b9

2. We indicate the name of the token: movi

3. We indicate the token symbol: movi

4. We indicate decimal places: 9

We check and save all the data:

All is ready: